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GSPS March 2010

The gang gathering for a group shot at the home of John Robles

Members at a meeting in San Diego, 2002.

Phonograph Authors

Ron Dethlefson, Robert Baumbach, Ray Phillips, Scott Corbett, Tim Fabrizio

An Evil Triumvirate?

Acclaimed authors George Paul (left) and Tim Fabrizio (right) plot to take over the world with year 2000 GSPS President John Robles.

He's A Winner!

In 2004, Ray Phillips won the first GSPS Lifetime Achievement Award, given to those who have made extraordinary contributions to the phonograph collecting world.

We Have Another Winner!

Ron Dethlefson, author of some of the most widely referenced phonograph related books, won the 2nd GSPS Lifetime Achievement Award, April 2005.

A Meeting to Remember

Part of a spectacular collection.

Edison Coin-Op

Bruce's pride

GSPS member Bruce Peterson posing with one of his favorite machines.

The Multiphone

The early jukebox!

A Happy Grouping

GSPS at Five

The fifth annniversary of the Golden State Phonograph Society is celebrated by members at the October 2004 meeting.

A Rare Sign

This was a repro sign made for John Robles, which reads 'Robles Music Shop'. CAPS show, 2002, Scott Corbett, John Robles and Mike Sorter.

Shack Shock

Mike Sorter unexpectedly finds the rare Shackleton 'My North Polar Expedition' cylinder in a lot of 200 Wax Amberols that he and John Robles have just purchased, August 2003


This is placed in the host member's yard each month!

Meeting in March 2010

A typical gathering, illustrating the camaraderie after the meeting.

UCSP Cylinder Preservation Project

We had a meeting at UCB where the Cylinder Preservation Project was presented to us. A very worthwhile project, you can visit it from our links page.

Digitizing Equipment

Some rather advanced digitizing equipment at UCSB, including the Archeophone cylinder reproducing apparatus

A meeting at the Corbett's home

Scott and Denise Corbett, hosts extraordinaire. Their phonograph museum is a masterpiece.

A meeting at Ron's

A meeting at Ron Dethlefson's gracious home.


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